Late Night Performances

Foo Fighters Perform “Waiting on a War” on Fallon: Watch

on February 09, 2021, 9:48am

Foo Fighters were guests on Monday night’s edition Jimmy Fallon, promoting their new album, Medicine at Midnight. After frontman Dave Grohl chatted it up with the Tonight Show host, the band performed their single “Waiting on a War”.

The track is a stirring piece of a hopeful anxiety, with low synths and bass underscoring a tension that waits until the very end to break. As such, this wasn’t a face-melting rock show of a late night performance, with Foo Fighters instead delivering a relatively simple run-through of the song in a purple-lit set. That said, it’s a powerful enough song to still grab you even in such a straightforward set up — especially once Taylor Hawkins and the band got to rip into it during the outro.

Prior to taking the remote stage with the rest of the Fighters, Grohl Zoomed in for a talk with Fallon himself. They discussed the wait to release Medicine at Midnight due to the pandemic, Grohl’s feelings on being a drummer and a lead singer, and the time they were both invited to the Obama White House for a picnic and Fallon was painfully overdressed. Grohl also rehashed his story about meeting and emailing David Bowie, and he and Fallon toyed with each other over the instability of video calls.

Watch Foo Fighters’ “Waiting on a War” performance and Grohl’s two-part interview with Fallon below.