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Jason Isbell on the Politics of Mental Health

on February 09, 2021, 8:30am

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Presented by Consequence of Sound​ and Sound Mind Live, Going There with Dr. Mike is a new interview podcast series in which clinical psychologist and life coach Dr. Mike Friedman talks with musicians about the crossroads where music and mental health meet.

Jason Isbell joins the show this week to discuss his struggle with alcoholism. The singer-songwriter explains how he’s attained years of sobriety following his addiction, which was, in part, triggered by the stress and pain from years of touring. He shares how he’s had the opportunity to engage in rehabilitation, the 12-step program, and therapy.

The Grammy-winning artist also describes his thoughts on tackling the mental health crisis on a public level, including how different economic and political systems may influence our sense of self-worth. He goes on to describe some of the changes we would need to make as a society to optimize, rather than damage, our mental health and well-being.

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