1,2,3 – Big Weather

The fickle, destructive nature of … well, nature … haunts Big Weather, the sophomore effort from Pittsburgh band 1,2,3. Across 20 sprawling tracks and almost an hour and a half, Big Weather’s vignettes tell stories of a cast of characters enduring, surviving, and often perishing at mother nature’s destructive whim. If weather is the context, American rock ’n’ roll is the form. Led by Nic Snyder’s raspy falsetto, 1,2,3 takes listeners on a tour of outsider rock styles: garage, lo-fi, gutter punk, acoustic blues, and others. Guitar-driven and almost entirely free of production embellishments, Big Weather is raw, raucous, and as big as a deadly storm front rolling across the Midwest, but unfortunately not half as subtle.

Release Date
May 27, 2014
American Hermitage
digital, vinyl, cd
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