Album Review: Bjork – Utopia

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On her 2015 album, Vulnicura, Björk crafted an intricate cosmology of loss following a brutal separation from her longtime romantic partner. Songs like “Stonemilker” and “Black Lake” detailed a collapsed intimacy and the painful interpersonal negotiations that followed, but Björk also had her eye trained on something bigger than her own heartbreak. On “Atom Dance,” she sang with Anohni about opening herself up to a broader love than the kind that connects just two people — a universal humanistic love that encompasses the self as readily as it does the other. Björk suffuses her new album, Utopia, with expressions of that love, whether it manifests as tentative online courtship rituals, screeds of devotion to a close friend, or promises to her daughter that the traumas of the past won’t infect the future. If Vulnicura watched volcanic ash blanketing the life Björk had come to depend on, Utopia paints brand-new life rising from the fertile ground.

Release Date
November 24, 2017
One Little Indian Records
digital, vinyl, cd
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