Album Review: Brockhampton – Saturation III

The thing about Brockhampton is they’re supposed to be too much. What do you expect when you’re attempting to take in three albums by a collective of 14 members in one year, whose chief artistic reasoning is “because we can?” The freshest act, sorry, I mean “boy band,” of 2017 doesn’t think much about albums just yet; they’re just a fucking art factory, like Andy Warhol envisioned. They’re product machines with an unmistakable aesthetic, one-word titles in all caps, which adorn the title cards of their many colorful and boisterous videos. If you can tell just by sound whether a tune is from Saturation I, II, or III, you’re probably cheating. And if you’re trying to familiarize yourself with the seven vocalists in the group, the beats constantly shifting within the same track and uniform, stark song names won’t help you as much as spending an evening with the videos, whereupon you can watch 21-year-old co-founder Kevin Abstract recite star-making lines like “I’m the only pop star with no money” and “Why you always rap about being gay?/ Cuz not enough niggas rap and be gay” with the confidence and command of Tyler, the Creator circa 2011.

Release Date
December 15, 2017
Empire Distribution
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