Antwon – Heavy Hearted in Doldrums

Raised in a hardcore scene before being reborn into hip-hop, Antwon has no trouble straddling a number of different identities at once. He’s also, as comedian Howard Kremer would say, a real wool-gatherer, a Casanova, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have emotions contingent on the opposite gender. Antwon is like both sides of the George Costanza and Kramer conversation about yearning and craving. He craves constant pleasure, but there’s an evident yearning for something deeper. His first official album, Heavy Hearted in Doldrums, draws its co-headlining theme from the title, splitting time between sadness and sex, so much so that he realistically could’ve called it 50 Shades of Blue. (You can have that for the next one, Twon.)

Release Date
May 06, 2014
UNIF Clothing
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