Arca – Entrañas

Looking back at the past five years of electronic-focused music, it’s impossible to ignore the impact that 26-year-old Venezuelan Alejandro Ghersi (bka Arca) has had on the current landscape. His production work has been a beacon for fans of inventive production that finds poignancy in the grotesque, whether on the chaotic id of Yeezus, the mournful dirge of Vulnicura, or the jarring, grooving angst of EPs by Kelela or FKA Twigs. Beyond his collaborations with others, his albums and mixes have been as, if not more, influential on current electronic and experimental music as his pop material. His latest mix, the foreboding Entrañas, is not only his most immediate work to date, but evidence that five years into his career, Arca’s music remains as relevant as ever.

Release Date
July 04, 2016
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