Avey Tare’s Slasher Flicks – Enter The Slasher House

Anyone who’s seen ODDSAC, the 2010 visual album from Animal Collective, should be able to gather that Avey Tare and his friends have a pretty healthy relationship with horror films. Not that the thing was exclusively creepy, but there were lingering shots of walls oozing with a blood-adjacent substance, a vampiric entity wandering through a dark forest, bursts of unexpected noise to make you jump, and close-ups on unidentifiable organic matter to make you squirm. But then again, much like their music (think the meow-ing end of “Leaf House”), there was also an element of the cartoon-ish, something childlike that made the scares that much more thrilling, but also brought some genuine joy to the proceedings. So, no one should’ve been much surprised when Dave Portner called his new side project Avey Tare’s Slasher Flicks, nor when in a recent interview he cited the “Monster Mash” as a particular source of inspiration. But while the debut album from that project, Enter the Slasher House, does show obvious influences from cartoon horror, it rarely reaches the actual darkness of his past solo material that explored the horrors of real life, nor their cartoon-y brain-warp.

Release Date
April 08, 2014
digital, vinyl, cd
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