Basement Jaxx – Junto

Dance may be the most primal of all human art forms. Before the TR-808, kandi, and the resolute separation between the underground and big room, body gyration and beats were a fundamental part of human tradition: celebrating victories, commemorating tragedy, or simply exercising one’s own passions for some all-powerful entity. Like collectives Beats International or Thievery Corporation, the duo behind Britain’s Basement Jaxx have long sought to merge the bottle service club culture with much more organic electronic vibes. The pair’s new offering, Junto, does open with the world beat associated with the likes of Rob Garza, but the 13-track offering (27 if you splurge on the Deluxe Package) quickly moves into the worlds of UK garage, shimmery pop, and even the chopped percussion of trap.

Release Date
August 25, 2014
Atlantic Jaxx/PIAS
digital, vinyl, cd
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