Ben Folds and yMusic – So There

Looking through the list of musicians who have acted as judges on singing competition shows, Ben Folds’ name sticks out like a sore thumb. While Pharrell and Nicki Minaj have enjoyed critical acclaim as well as massive commercial success, Folds is more of a quirky nostalgia-bomb. His tenure on NBC’s a cappella show The Sing-Off was unexpected (so is the fact that he’s been replaced by Fall Out Boy’s Patrick Stump, but we’ll save that for another article), but then again, Folds has always had both a strong, charming voice and a pleasant, affable personality. Those two qualities unite every odd choice Folds has made in his career, including his new album, So There. With that voice and that smile, you can swallow (though not necessarily always love) anything Folds releases, even an album recorded in collaboration with a classical ensemble.

Release Date
September 11, 2015
New West Records
digital, vinyl, cd
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