Bleeding Rainbow – Interrupt

On last year’s Yeah RightPhiladelphia garage pop outfit Reading Rainbow became Bleeding Rainbow. The band explained the name change on Tumblr, and many latched onto the last detail: Carrie Brownstein didn’t like the name Reading Rainbow. The key bullet point of their explanation, in retrospect, is far simpler. “It is trippy as shit,” they wrote of their new moniker; the psychedelia is all the justification you should need. Accordingly, Yeah Right delved headlong into shoegaze exploration, and Bleeding Rainbow’s relatively straightforward crunch exploded into puddles of guitar soup. After letting their new recipe simmer for a while, those additions have reduced some on follow-up Interrupt, as the band combine aspects of the old persona they grew out of with new, darker interests.

Release Date
March 04, 2014
Kanine Records
digital, vinyl, cd
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