Bob Dylan – Fallen Angels

Nobody ever expected Bob Dylan to release an album of old standards popularized by Frank Sinatra. Even as he teased last year’s Shadows in the Night with lead single “Full Moon and Empty Arms”, the notion still seemed too strange to be true. Never mind that this same artist once turned inward and “plugged in” just as his acoustic strum and nasal register had become emblematic of the ’60s folk movement; quickly fled his bully pulpit and turned recluse a couple years later after having been anointed the voice of his generation; or suddenly became “saved” in the ’80s only to release a series of albums that would’ve made both Jesus and Judas cry out: “Father, forgive him, for he knows not what he does.” Dylan has always been out of step with our expectations, and yet when we first heard him sadly wishing upon the same moon Ol’ Blue Eyes once did, the concept seemed not only unthinkable but utterly doomed to failure. A year later, how things have changed.

Release Date
May 20, 2016
digital, vinyl, cd
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