Chance the Rapper – Acid Rap

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Chicago’s drill scene divides audiences, critics, and peers, artists like Chief Keef either vilified for glorifying the city’s violence or given credit for shedding light on the ever-growing body count. In some ways, Chance The Rapper stands entirely apart from that scene, his acid-washed production and trademark “igh!” emanating miles away from Keef’s spare rumbles and “bang bang” ad-lib. He sings ballads, reminisces about the orange color of Nickelodeon VHS tapes, and once sampled indie rockers Beirut. And to be sure, Chance is often quoted as drawing inspiration from Kanye West and Michael Jackson, decidedly non-drill influences. But as different as Acid Rap and Finally Rich may be, Chance is rapping both from and of that same world, his unique voice offering a different view of the city he loves.

Release Date
April 30, 2013
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