Cold Specks – Neuroplasticity

On 2012’s I Predict a Graceful Expulsion, Cold Specks (aka Al Spx) managed to successfully, without nostalgia, tap into gospel music’s timelessness by pairing gothic-tinged folk songs with tight, subdued production — a solid formula that allowed Spx to showcase her striking vocals. Two years later, she’s changed her sound rather drastically. Gothic imagery is no longer just a vague part of her music, it’s her foundation, making Neuroplasticity — with its surprising emphasis on skronking, atonal horns, and loud, stomping percussion — almost feel like an offshoot of the new Swans record (which she also sang on). Unlike To Be Kind, though, Spx’s album doesn’t uplift or unnerve, nor does it come close to channeling that sense of euphoria Michael Gira always seems to be chasing.

Release Date
August 26, 2014
digital, vinyl, cd
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