Courtney Barnett – The Double EP: A Sea of Split Peas

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“I got drunk and fell asleep atop the sheets, but luckily I left the heater on,” sings Courtney Barnett on “History Eraser”, the best track off of her double EP, A Sea of Split Peas. It’s the kind of comment that sounds offhand, not even something you’d text a friend, let alone write a song about. Yet, the way this Australian singer-songwriter lets the words lazily saunter out of her mouth somehow has you hanging on every syllable. Her deft ability to transform the mundane into the captivating takes a page from some of Alex Turner’s early gems, and also a few of Jens Lekman’s — but where Turner and Lekman roll up their sleeves looking for an adventure, Barnett barely has the energy to leave the couch. It’s somewhat surprising then, that in between the cushions she’s managed to pull out such a thoroughly enjoyable collection.

Release Date
October 15, 2013
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