Craft Spells – Nausea

Within seconds, drums ripple in like a firm handshake, introducing Craft Spells’ sophomore album, Nausea, the follow-up to 2011’s Idle Labor. We’ve become accustomed to rudimentary drum machines and synth surfaces from Justin Vallesteros’ project, but according to an in-depth and detailed press release, after he experienced the despair, isolation, and loneliness spurred on by an unhealthy relationship with social media (bells and ears are ringing, huh?), Vallesteros spiraled into a nauseating and suffocating sense of hopelessness. Longing for his pre-internet brain, “Twirl” sees him desperately pleading, I don’t know what to do.” To cope, he rebelled and unplugged from the digital, in sound and stature, and swapped the synth-driven bedroom pop beat for orchestral indie rock arrangements instead. The lyrics here are straightforward; the music is anything but.

Release Date
June 10, 2014
Captured Tracks
digital, vinyl, cd
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