David Bowie – The Gouster

The existence of The Gouster calls to mind Jeff Smith’s 2013 sci-fi graphic novel, RASL. In it, an inter-dimensional art thief realizes he’s made a tragic error when he checks out a dive bar jukebox in what he assumes is his home reality and spies Blonde on Blonde … by Robert Zimmerman. It wouldn’t be the least bit surprising if he’d thumbed to the next row of discs to see Bowie, draped with a newspaper, and this strange edition of Young Americans. If the buzz surrounding The Gouster is to be believed, and it was at some point on track to be released, then the alternate reality it’s from was a strange one indeed. In the reality of The Gouster, Bowie rushed out a key transitional record — and in doing so played things alarmingly safe. Well, safe by Bowie standards, at least.

Release Date
September 23, 2016
Parlophone Records
digital, vinyl, cd
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