Destroyer — Poison Season

With each new Destroyer album, some portion of Dan Bejar’s listeners refuse to accept that his mind takes its own meandering path rather than returning to the musical world he just exquisitely detailed. Plenty of threads tie his work together, but there is no straight, predictable line. Part of that frustration and refusal is due to the fact that Destroyer albums are frequently masterpieces, the kind you want more of. Part of it also comes from Bejar himself, a mercurial, difficult guy who refuses to chase attention. “I was just trying to lie low and make sure that the world at large forgot Kaputt ever happened,” he said in a recent interview. And while his new album, Poison Season, may not erase Kaputt from anyone’s memory, it is yet another engaging, tangled, beautiful environment, one that will be equally hard to forget.

Release Date
August 28, 2015
Merge Records
digital, vinyl, cd
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