Duran Duran – Paper Gods

The story of Duran Duran since they reunited their classic lineup in 2001 has been one of a band trying to find where they fit in modern music. Their brand of new wave and synthpop never really left, but as groups like The Killers and Franz Ferdinand rose to prominence in the mid 2000s, it became evident that Duran Duran had cemented an influential legacy. Not content to remain in the past, they tried staying contemporary with 2007’s Red Carpet Massacre, experimenting by working with Timbaland and Justin Timberlake. The album did poorly both critically and commercially, so the band switched gears on 2010’s All You Need Is Now, swapping Timbaland for producer Mark Ronson, whose style and overall sound was a much better fit for the group. All You Need Is Now did better than its predecessor, a somewhat back-to-basics approach that found them solidly executing the formula they perfected in the ‘80s, albeit without adding anything new to the mix.

Release Date
September 11, 2015
Warner Bros. Records
digital, vinyl, cd
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