Floating Points – Elaenia

Over the last five years, Sam Shepherd has built up an impressive collection of singles, EPs, and collaborations as Floating Points, from the pounding rhythms of his 2011 Shadows EP, to the shimmering house single “Sparkling Controversy”, to the funk-driven splendor of last year’s Nuits Sonores/Nectarines 12-inch. Shepherd has always been adept at blending together sounds from different realms, incorporating strains of soul and R&B into tracks fit for the dance floor. On his debut album, Elaenia, he strays from that hybridism, putting together a cohesive, involving piece inspired heavily by jazz that will likely confound and impress fans who have been following his output for the past half-decade.

Release Date
November 06, 2015
digital, vinyl, cd
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