Health new album Death Magic

L.A.’s HEALTH arrived like a stampeding triceratops. They had a thundering track by that name, sure, but their sound combined the massive weight and blunt strength of the extinct beast and featured piercing focal points akin to the dinosaur’s horns. There was something feral about their blend of guitars, drums, and burning synths, not to mention the Zoothorn, a microphone fed through obscuring and chaotic effects pedals. All along, though, they displayed their connections to and passion for pop and electronic music. They first rose to national prominence, after all, through Crystal Castles’ rework of “Crimewave” and later released two HEALTH//DISCO albums full of remixes. The infusion of that sound came to the fore with their superb cover of labelmate Pictureplane’s “Goth Star”, in which the outfit used pounding drumming and crystallized guitar to replicate the producer’s electronics. The cyborg version of that triceratops was as nimble and majestic as it was devastating.

Release Date
August 07, 2015
Loma Vista Recordings
digital, vinyl, cd
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