Ian Felice – In the Kingdom of Dreams

A sizeable chunk of our childhood memories aren’t memories at all. During the toddler years, our brains are busy taking in sights and sounds never witnessed before, places and noises that will become regular in the years that follow but, in that instant, seem remarkably unfathomable. Memories, particularly those that are rich with detail like the ones relatives tell us repeatedly at family gatherings, are few and far between. If nothing else, the majority of our childhood memories are learned. We rewrite our earliest narrative moments based on stories people told us about them, and over time, we picture those stories through our own eyes. If you don’t remember, you will, because our imaginations can recreate memories we were supposed to recall but were too young to store away in the backs of our brains. For his debut solo LP, In the Kingdom of Dreams, Ian Felice tried to grapple with the reality of such.

Release Date
August 25, 2017
New York Pro
digital, vinyl, cd
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