Isaiah Rashad – The Sun’s Tirade

Isaiah Rashad could easily be a southern rap revivalist: He’s from Chattanooga, he’s rapped over “Elevators”, a slew of his songs allude to southern rappers (“Nelly”, “RIP Kevin Miller”, “Webbie Flow”), and he loved his first car enough to name his debut EP after it. Package these traits together and leave them in the right blogger’s inbox, and the car drives itself. Luckily, Rashad insists on keeping his hands on the wheel. The Sun’s Tirade, the follow-up to 2014’s Cilvia Demo, is a careful refinement of his previous work, hunkering down instead of scaling up. The result is an album that’s liberated from concerns about regions and charts and homages, giving Rashad ample room to experiment, and starting to pull Top Dawg Entertainment out of the long shadow of To Pimp a Butterfly.

Release Date
September 02, 2016
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