Jamiroquai – Automaton

Seven years after the debut of their 2010 Rock, Dust, Light, Star album, Jamiroquai make their highly anticipated return as the future-forward ambassadors of the acid jazz, funk, and house magic they first pulled from lead singer Jay Kay’s oversized hat and ultimately spun into gold with 1993’s Emergency on Planet Earth. After years of traversing the rocky post-file sharing terrain of the music industry and a more recent sabbatical, Jamiroquai return with their new Automaton LP.  The eighth studio album from the band, the project is a 12-track cinematic opus plied with electrodes, stuffed into a cannon, and shot straight through the doors of the disco, where they resurrect the sound that first catapulted them from their UK digs. This time, however, the maturation of that aesthetic is apparent and adventurous as they delve into societal failures and deliver the party just sweaty and soulful enough to place a lead foot on the neck of the oft-vapid and musically homogenous EDM that has inexplicably ruled the roost at major clubs over the past several years.

Release Date
March 24, 2017
digital, vinyl, cd
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