Jenny Lewis – The Voyager

Teenage girls everywhere practically prayed to Jenny Lewis, identifying with every feeling on Rilo Kiley’s The Execution of All Things and singing along with every word. She was the reason I, personally, wore too-short thrift store dresses to classes and parties in college, kept my bangs trimmed and brushed to one side, doused my eyelashes in coat after coat of mascara (a habit I still haven’t shaken to this day), and practiced her thin-lipped pout in PhotoBooth selfies in the library when I was bored with studying. She was the cute, sensual, no-bullshit woman I wanted to be. She was the patron saint of sad, elfin, guitar rock-loving girls, and for several years in my later teens and early 20s, I desperately needed her to guide me, because there was simply no one else to do it in the same way.

Release Date
July 29, 2014
Warner Bros. Records
digital, vinyl, cd
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