Joyce Manor – Cody

This past fall, touring behind his sleek, jubilant debut album, Rachet, Las Vegas dance pop artist Shamir would occasionally play an unusual cover song: “Christmas Card”, a cut from Joyce Manor’s 2014 breakout album Never Hungover Again. The pick was surprising because, on paper, there are no similarities between Shamir’s disco revival and the pop punk clamor of Joyce Manor. But it worked nonetheless. In Shamir’s hands, the song went from a hurried, frantic burst of emotion to a subdued slow-burner still wrought with tension. Hearing the song in that context, it was clear that what makes Joyce Manor special is their command at writing simple, affecting pop. It’s this quality that has made vocal fans out of everyone from Mark Hoppus to The 1975’s Matt Healy, and this craft is what they push further through stylistic experimentation and risk-taking across Cody, their latest studio album.

Release Date
October 07, 2016
digital, vinyl, cd
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