Katy B – Little Red

Katy B is in the company of Adele, Florence Welch, and Jessie Ware for her bionic vocal capabilities, but unlike those other English singers, it’s relatively hard to ID Katy on a musical level. The 24-year-old, lava-haired South Londoner has been grouped with way too many dance music subgenres to keep track of, the moral being that your typical Katy B song is part of a package deal rather than some fleeting, fizzy truffle. Disclosure didn’t enlist her for Settle like they did her peers Ware and AlunaGeorge, but it’s easy to imagine Katy making an appearance; few voices are so suited to the dreamy kind of succinctness that defined that excellent album’s vocal work. On Little Red, though, Katy pares down the dubstep-rinsed production of her 2011 debut On a Mission and achieves a more personal resonance. And even if they don’t start in the same spot, these songs do end in similar places, which would make it a too-selfsame album if we weren’t dealing with a surplus of replayable pop power moves.

Release Date
February 03, 2014
digital, cd
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