Keith Richards – CROSSEYED HEART

The rollout for Crosseyed Heart has played like several episodes of Keith Says the Darndest Things. For those who haven’t been tuning in at home, here are the highlights from the last few weeks: Sgt. Pepper’s is a “mishmash of rubbish,” Metallica and Black Sabbath are jokes, the Grateful Dead are boring, rap is music for the tone-deaf, Donald Trump is “refreshing,” and T-Swift, well, Richards managed to speak volumes about her by declining to comment at all (“Oh, I don’t want to sound like an old man”).┬áIf this was anyone but Keith Richards, publicists would be going into DEFCON 1 damage-control mode or looking for ledges to leap from. Because it’s Richards, they shrug and say, “That’s just Keith being Keith.”

Release Date
September 18, 2015
Republic Records
digital, vinyl, cd
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