Lakutis – Three Seashells

Lakutis is a rare breed, an art punk rapper who makes aggressive music that references Doug Funnie, eating pussy, and Seinfeld in one rhyme, and if you can find one other rapper that can pull that off, please send them Lakutis’s way so he can spit in their drink and steal their girl. On Chris Gethard’s infamous public access show, Lakutis requested he be introduced as “a New York native, Russian Jew, coming straight from Hung Central,” before tearing the show apart with his a cappella raps (because a bunch of white people dancing makes him nervous). Lex’s performance lives on as video proof of the kind of nonconformist oddity he really is: laughing at his own jokes, pointing out the references embedded in his raps, and making the female audience visibly uncomfortable before winning them back a line later (“I’m getting head in the desert like it’s the movie Se7en” is a personal favorite that fits the first half of that, at least).

Release Date
February 20, 2014
Greedhead Music
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