Liars – Mess

On the fifth track of their seventh album, Liars program a synthesizer to mimic the rhythm of an acoustic guitar being strummed. Electricity roils beneath Angus Andrew’s filtered voice. There’s no percussion. It is the quietest moment on Mess, and also the loveliest, with roots in “The Other Side of Mt. Heart Attack”, the closer to 2006’s Drums Not Dead, which was gentle enough to soundtrack multiple feature films. But I keep waiting for the twin textures on “Can’t Hear Well” to burst open, to bloom, to prove that their simplicity has all been a trick. They don’t. The song drags along for three and a half minutes, and then Mess moves onto its next cluster of synths, and beats, and barks.

Release Date
March 25, 2014
Mute Records
digital, vinyl, cd
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