Linkin Park – The Hunting Party

It’s hard to deny that Linkin Park has come out looking the best of all the most prominent nu metal/alt rock acts from the turn of the millennium. While often seen through the same nostalgic lens as their contemporaries, they didn’t become a cultural punchline quite the way so many others did (as an example, this weekend’s 22 Jump Street repurposes Creed’s “Higher” as a nightmarish hellscape unto itself), nor did they peter out entirely, doomed to play the Gathering of the Juggalos until time immemorial. The band has managed to stay prominent by retaining much of their fanbase, by wisely branching out (a la Collision Course, their post-Black Album EP with Jay Z), but mostly by continuing to make a kind of music that was falling out of fashion while transitioning away from some of the more questionable aspects.

Release Date
June 17, 2014
Warner Bros. Records
digital, vinyl, cd
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