Local H – Hey, Killer

The two-piece studio incarnation of Illinois’ Local H has an appeal to nearly every alternative genre under the sun. The grunge of As Good As Dead’s radio staple “Bound For The Floor”, the shoegaze narcissism of Whatever Happened To P.J. Soles?, an ambitious EP covering everyone from Pink Floyd to the Misfits — all phenomenal, yet mainstream presence continues to elude vocalist/permanent member Scott Lucas’ work ethic. After trading out longtime drummer and Chicago percussion favorite Brian St. Clair for Ryan Harding in the last year or so, Lucas’ songwriting became fueled strictly by fan support, while rumors circulated that his 25-year pseudo-reign in alt rock was waning. Then, Hey, Killer happened. And all was mildly copacetic, once again.

Release Date
April 14, 2015
G&P Records
digital, cd
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