Mac McCaughan – Non-Believers

Non-Believers album by Mac McCaughan

If you’re going to name your 2010 comeback album Majesty Shredding, you need to be a band of adequate largeness and loudness. Superchunk is that band. It’d be easy to assume that the debut solo effort from lead singer and guitarist Mac McCaughan (who has also recorded under the still pretty Superchunk-y moniker Portastatic) would be cut from the same cloth, with dense guitar riffs, high-energy choruses, and heaping piles of feedback. However, Non-Believers defies those expectations, revealing itself to be a record of gentle indie pop with psychedelic influences. Distortion pedals have been swapped for sweeping synthesizer effects, and yelps for winsome croons.

Release Date
May 05, 2015
Merge Records
digital, vinyl, cd
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