Meatbodies – Meatbodies

Meatbodies start their self-titled debut with a solid minute of feedback on “The Archer”. No catchy hooks. No ferocious guitar riff. No propulsive drums. Conventional wisdom might say that an artist should put a strong track in the leadoff spot, but Chad Ubovich, the main man behind Meatbodies, is anything but conventional. It’s an immediately bold and interesting decision to risk losing the listener’s attention, but those who stick around are rewarded with an LP that’s unabashedly weird and, more importantly, full of vibrant energy. Seriously, look no further for evidence of this than the album cover, which features kaleidoscopic colors and a skull whose eyes appear to be rolling back into its head as its brain melts.

Release Date
October 14, 2014
In The Red Records
digital, vinyl, cd
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