MS MR – How Does It Feel

MS MR takes comfort in concealment. Take one look at the moniker the New York duo of vocalist Lizzy Plapinger (MS) and producer Max Hershenow (MR) hide behind. On their sophomore album, How Does It Feel, rather than cut deep to reveal personal truths, Plapinger indifferently sings dull, cliched lyrics. Opening track “Painted” dives headfirst into a sea of synth as she sings, “It’s getting old loving everyone else/ More than you love yourself.” Elsewhere, tired phrases taken from inspirational posters keep popping up. “Only when we’re lost can we find ourselves again,” she sings on “Reckless”. “I know you better than I know myself,” she doubles down on “Pieces”.

Release Date
July 17, 2015
Columbia Records
digital, vinyl, cd
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