N.A.S.A. – The Spirit of Apollo

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In the same vein as Handsome Boy Modeling School, Think Differently Music, and Thievery Corporation, N.A.S.A. (North America South America)’s The Spirit of Apollo is yet another attempt at creating a well put together collection of guest heavy recordings. These exercises, regardless of the names or who is behind the project, usually turn out to be a bit patchy. Like films with all-star casts, there’s nothing more difficult than bringing a diverse group of talent together for one relatively short effort (see: He’s Just Not That Into You).  This being said, there’s no doubting that the guys of N.A.S.A have assembled quite the army of musicians, equipped with both rookie and veteran members of music’s elite class. The effort is a literally overwhelming assortment of creative geniuses, and this almost goes without saying. But sadly, the potential of the names on the bill seems to overshadow the results. This is not to say that The Spirit of Apollo is a failure by any means, because it is not.  But really, how good can throwing all these people together really turn out?

Release Date
February 13, 2009
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