Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Skeleton Tree

Near the end of the heartbreaking documentary One More Time With Feeling, Nick Cave delivers a devastating assessment of the trauma that he recently faced. “It happened to us, but it happened to him,” he intones, weary and distant. He’s referring then to the process of coping with the untimely death of his son, of becoming a pitied figure, of constantly being tethered to a void, but also reminding of the immediate physical reality of Arthur Cave’s death. It is at once a moment fixed in the past and a constant, recurring present, that duality compounding the pain. The blurry timelines, stream-of-consciousness songwriting, and imagistic lyrics of Cave and the Bad Seeds’ new album, Skeleton Tree, just as easily define the experience of listening to the album: an experience for the listener, but also for Cave.

Release Date
September 09, 2016
Bad Seed Ltd.
digital, vinyl, cd
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