Nonkeen – The Gamble

For the first three minutes of nonkeen’s debut album, the atmosphere is familiar for those who have listened to Nils Frahm’s work. While it’s not primarily piano-based, like much of the experimental artist’s work, the swirling, muted synths steadily rise. It’s not until the second song on the record, “saddest continent on earth”, where you get the sense this project is something different. A steady guitar in the vein of Darkside arches across the track, giving it a momentum not present in the stately piano work of the German composer’s solo records. At the start of the third song, nonkeen really announce themselves as a distinct project, when the drums kick in to serve as a propulsive backbone, creating an invigorating, surprising spark.

Release Date
February 05, 2016
R&S Records
digital, vinyl, cd
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