Norah Jones – Day Breaks

Rightful or not, Norah Jones was painted into a corner by the massive success of her 2002 debut album, Come Away with Me. She got a serious boost from Starbucks and the record came out on Blue Note, meaning that the coffeehouse jazz tag stuck hard. Jones’ smoky, smooth voice and low-tempo singles didn’t shake that perception either. She pushed hard on later records like the strong Little Broken Hearts, diversifying her genre choices almost to her own detriment, ranging from indie pop to cinematic Western. In a sense, new album Day Breaks feels a bit like a return to roots, Jones dipping a toe back into the easygoing jazz-tinged style that got her a diamond-certified record. The record retains some of the boundary-pushing and the jazz doesn’t always thrill, but it’s a record on which Jones sounds entirely familiar.

Release Date
October 07, 2016
Blue Note
digital, vinyl, cd
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