Orenda Fink – Blue Dream

The solo output from Orenda Fink is only three records deep, but swings and varies wildly from album to album. As one half of Saddle Creek group Azure Ray, Fink wasn’t so much a Lennon to Maria Taylor’s McCartney as she was a Harrison. She was more experimental, more willing to take a chance on something bigger. Fink came out of the solo gate with the Haitian-influenced Invisible Ones, switched to the gorgeous country/folk of Ask the Night, and now on her new album, Blue Dream, dives headfirst into ethereal bedroom pop. While it is definitely a change of gears from anything she has released previously, and has a consistent exploration of the subconscious throughout, Blue Dream falls short of anything exciting or daring.

Release Date
August 19, 2014
Saddle Creek
digital, vinyl, cd
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