Parquet Courts – Sunbathing Animal

Parquet Courts are lumped in with the like-minded guitar bands that came before them, but it diminishes their creativity to dismiss them as Pavement wannabes or the nu Swell Maps. While the Brooklyn transplants certainly borrow some elements from indie rock’s past, it’s more that they share the ethos — a complacency to play music however they want, free from critical expectations and the overcrowded music industry. But the most intriguing thing about Parquet Courts is that you can hear frontman Andrew Savage actively grappling with this search for self-actualization. What’s the point, why am I doing this, is anybody listening? By asking these questions, he turns the proverbial artist’s dilemma — the fear of going unnoticed and disrespected — back into his art, lyrically and stylistically.

Release Date
June 03, 2014
What's Your Rupture? / Mom + Pop
digital, vinyl, cd
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