Peter Bjorn and John – Breakin’ Point

Without trying, or perhaps by trying really hard, Peter Bjorn and John established themselves early on in their career as a band to count on for fun. With the whistle that never ended on 2006’s Writer’s Block, the Swedish trio paved a path for indie rock that began hiking towards the mainstream, creating a hook so airy and warm that it was hard to not sing along. But that wasn’t the only way they wiggled onto party playlists. They kept quality in the forefront with each record that followed. Then came 2011’s Gimme Some, an album that showed they had more fire in their belly and hot stones beneath their feet. They couldn’t stop moving. If listeners wanted to dance to fun, raucous, giddy tunes, they would keep making them in the usual Peter Bjorn and John way. That’s who they were.

Release Date
June 10, 2016
digital, vinyl, cd
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