Phish – Fuego

On Halloween in 2013, Phish began their second set with a somewhat esoteric reference to golf, of all things: “You’ll never win a major only shooting par.” The lyric belongs to “Wingsuit”, the first of 12 songs Phish debuted that night as a yet-to-be-recorded future album. Although some fans felt tricked out of the band’s usual Halloween cover album tradition, for me and for many other phans, it was pure treat. In the ensuing eight months, we’ve replayed 10/31/13 set II over and over again, analyzing meanings, contextualizing the event, and nerding out, all the while pontificating on how the eventual album would sound. Despite our propensity to unjustly discard the studio albums while cherishing the live recordings, many Phish fans wondered: Might this album be the one that breaks the jam band studio album stigma?

Release Date
June 24, 2014
ATO Records
digital, vinyl, cd
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