Priests – Nothing Feels Natural

“Barack Obama killed something in me,” Katie Alice Greer howls at the end of “And Breeding”, a highlight of 2014’s excellent Bodies and Control and Money and Power. The brief, yet thrilling set of tunes from Washington, DC, quartet Priests looked out at a world of supposed liberality, hope, and change, and still saw plenty to fight against and fight for. “Barack Obama killed something in me/ And I’m going to get him for it,” she promised. It’s tempting, then, to wonder how Priests fit in in this new America, with this new president, to paint them into the dichotomy corner that we tend to force “political punk” bands into: “Who’s in charge now, and who do we think is better?” But if the last few months have taught us anything (and I hope they have), things don’t work that way. Priests know that. They were fighting before there were giant neon signs demanding it, and they were fighting with personal nuance, perspective, and care.

Release Date
January 27, 2017
Sister Polygon Records
digital, vinyl, cd
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