Prince Rama – Xtreme Now

Image is essential to “Now Age” duo Prince Rama, and so is capitalism. It’s almost as if their music has followed the course of the commodification of the hippy culture over the decades. Take a look at their album covers. It starts pretty simply with Threshold Dances and Shadow Temple: geodes, skulls, trippy waves. Of course back then, the prevailing story surrounded the Larson sisters, and how Taraka and Nimai grew up on a commune and this kind of thing was in their blood. By the time you get to Top Ten Hits of the End of the World, the album cover focused explicitly on the market, a cheeky concept album in which they set themselves up as 10 fictional acts packaged as a compilation. The trouble, though, is that when you explicitly introduce the act of sale into a commodity/lifestyle driven by outsiderdom, you better have a clever, digestible message. Though fun, Prince Rama’s new album Xtreme Now finds the Larsons not yet delivering that clear note.

Release Date
March 04, 2016
digital, vinyl, cd
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