R. Kelly – Black Panties (Deluxe Version)

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Pussy. Pussy is what pervades R. Kelly’s 12th album that he, accordingly, titled Black Panties. Kelly has infamously been connected with sex, whether that be through the content of his music, people’s propensity to use his records to soundtrack their own bedroom activities, or in other, much less savory ways. The allegations of sexual misconduct that Kelly has faced over the course of his career are unequivocally damning, to the point where a whole subset of the population has chosen to boycott him entirely. Still, the detractors are never the whole story when it comes to embattled superstars. The digital feminist pantheon Jezebel praised Black Panties without breathing a word about his problematic past or some of the album’s choice missteps. Attempting to police individual reactions to R. Kelly is, of course, impossible. It’s the polarizing swing, though, between Kelly’s genius and his flagrant misogyny that makes an album like Black Panties enticing and frustrating in equal measure.

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