Run the Jewels – RTJ3

Run the Jewels happened to land on the right tectonic plate in the earthquake, which doesn’t mean they didn’t earn it. Rap fans already liked Killer Mike and El-P plenty; both were longtime bigger-label castoffs (Columbia and Rawkus, respectively) who found their own paths preaching to a jaded, slightly older version of the hip-hop faithful. But in 2011, Cartoon Network executive Jason DeMarco introduced them, launching a string of collaborations (a tour, El-P producing Mike’s 2012 critical success R.A.P. Music) that culminated in this duo, which by some distance is the biggest thing either rapper has ever done. Nothing about 2013’s Run the Jewels was unexpected: the two dudes doing what they already did best reached every one of their collective fans. But its 2014 sequel was like an airplane in outer space, feeling almost out of place in its runaway success.

Release Date
January 13, 2017
digital, cd
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