Ryan Hemsworth – Alone for the First Time

Bred in a city without a scene (Halifax, Nova Scotia), Ryan Hemsworth found himself on self-guided tours across the fringes of the blogosphere. Quenching a thirst for beats that once sent turntablists to the forgotten racks of the local record shop, Hemsworth keeps an index finger scrolling through the endless pages of SoundCloud — as showcased on his new Secret Songs imprint. This digital method suits Hemsworth, a man who, despite a near constant tour schedule and a habit for career-breaking collaborations, prefers those moments still reserved for his laptop in the comfort of his bedroom. Admittedly burnt out by club culture — as would anyone who eagerly accepts any after-party invite tossed his way — the emotive beatsmith has utilized the creative window of his sophomore LP, Alone for the First Time, to reflect on those rare moments of solitude between takeoffs. Established around an “emo” core, all seven cuts are still just a few tweaks away from working on dance floors from Tokyo to Tacoma.

Release Date
November 04, 2014
Last Gang/Secret Songs
digital, vinyl, cd
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