Spoon – Hot Thoughts

Whether you think Arcade Fire’s Reflektor was great or not (and I’ve thought it was both at different junctures), it was hard to deny that it was a stretch. The gawky Montreal sextet won an Album of the Year Grammy and henceforth decided to act like U2, reapplying for the best band in the blogosphere or whatnot. So like U2, this bunch of earnest indie rockers tried to make dance music signify at a time when artists of all types were doing just that. But none so self-consciously. Anyway, four years later, whether you thought Reflektor was great or not, it wasn’t much of a Big Statement, and for a band like Arcade Fire, that can seem like a failure on its own.

Release Date
March 10, 2017
Matador Records
digital, vinyl, cd
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