Suuns – Zeroes QC

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A little while back when the new Clinic album was released, I made a comment that I wished they sounded more like they did 10 years ago, a sentiment that is neither here nor there.  But imagine my joy when I first heard Suuns. I knew nothing about them, and soon found out they originally went by The Zeroes, but were ultimately forced to change their name when the 80’s band with a different spelling apparently complained. It’s a complicated story, since there’s little information on that band, and various other groups have adopted similar monikers since (I’ve got a Magnetic one on the tip of my tongue). But, maybe the story of Suuns should start as the group’s P.R. puts it, a simple tape exchange between Besnard Lakes frontman/Suuns producer Jace Lasek and Secretly Canadian. Or maybe there’s no crazy story, just the normal shit that every band does: meets, practices, grows, and after a few years, has a debut LP.

Release Date
November 30, 2009
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